We deal with both Residential and Commercial Property transactions, and property mortgages.

We work closely with trusted conveyancing and mortgage service providers and are able to deliver our first class service because we place your interests first.

The providers we use are completely independent and can offer advice at all of our offices at a competitive fair price.

Our aim is to explain in plain English the various but complex procedures involved and to agree with you a timetable to work to from your initial instructions to completion.

We will keep you up to date with written progress reports and contact by email should you require.

Residential Conveyancing

Often referred to as domestic conveyancing, our team of property lawyers can help with buying and selling homes (houses or flats, leasehold or freehold) from start to finish and other matters affecting residential property.

We deal with:

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Why take Independent Mortgage Advice?

You’re protected

An important thing to understand is that when you receive mortgage advice, your mortgage broker has a duty of care to you. They have to recommend a suitable mortgage and be able to justify why the particular mortgage they have chosen is right for you. If their advice is not up to scratch, you can complain and be compensated.

In contrast, if you go directly to a high street mortgage lender, don’t take advice, and end up with a mortgage that later becomes unaffordable, you may not have so much legal recourse. (However, under the rules of the Mortgage Market Review, it’s the lender’s responsibility to ensure affordability – so even if you buy direct, you could have some recourse. Nonetheless, a broker can still offer a valuable layer of protection.)

A mortgage broker is qualified

There’s an awful lot to think about when choosing the right mortgage. It’s not as simple as just opting for the cheapest fixed or tracker rate mortgage you can find!

A broker is on your side

An independent mortgage broker will look for the best mortgage for you. They aren’t on the lender’s side, they’re on yours, and they’ll give you access to far more products than if you went direct. You’d get unbiased advice and could choose from a range of lenders and subsequent products, rather than being restricted to the single range of the lender you go to.

They know the industry

Mortgage criteria has tightened massively over the past few years, with the Mortgage Market Review being the latest, and arguably widest-ranging, development. It’s been designed to ensure borrowers can prove affordability, even in the event of a rate rise, and those extra checks have understandably increased application times.

They also know the background criteria that a lender has and can bring this experience to bear when advising you and processing your application.

It’s not just about the mortgage

A mortgage broker won’t just advise you about your mortgage. They will also look at any related life insurance, payment protection and even buildings and contents insurance you have.

They will recommend insurance based on your new mortgage arrangements to make sure you are fully protected in the event of:

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