At abode living sales & lettings, we want to help students like you secure a nice place to live with minimal disruption to your studies. Searching begins as early as Autumn to find properties for the following Summer and many of the 3 to 8 bed properties are secured in hotspots like Jesmond, Sandyford, Heaton and City Centre by November/December in advance of a July to September check in.

Searching with friends takes time to arrange and get everybody together so we will always guide you towards the best fit for your needs. Once you have found your ideal home you can get on with doing all the things that students do. Our selection of student accommodation are in all of Newcastle’s popular student areas, and they’re all on our website – full details, with plenty of photos. We deal with students at every stage – first-year to post-grad, overseas to placements – and every age, mature included.

If you are receiving too many results from agents and you feel confused, it is much better to call our Newcastle branch on 0191 276 1111 (opt. 1) and explain what you’re looking for so we can narrow it down for you, or pop in to see us. We have got a feel for the properties before you see them and having that conversation can bring the human element to the searching process once we understand your aims better.

Tenant administration fee for students are £140 inc. VAT per student for three bedroom properties and above, and includes your legal paperwork administration and referencing, plus the guarantor referencing, and deed of guarantee document. This is only payable once you have selected a property to reserve. To change one tenant or one guarantor before an application is complete, there is a £25 inc. VAT re-submission charge to cover our discounted re-referencing costs for one party. If a tenant is to be replaced after referencing and contracts are all completed, they will need to pay a tenant administration fee in full of £140 inc VAT and contracts will have to be re-issued to all parties. None of these fees are refundable. As a rule of thumb, to pass referencing a guarantor must be able to prove that they earn 3 x the tenant’s share of the rent, and tenant(s) without guarantors must have been employed for at least 6 months and earn 2.5 x the rent combined between all parties.